Debit Card Thief Wanted

Debit Card Thief Wanted

A man is wanted for stealing over $3,700 through credit card transactions in Carlsbad.

The suspect has stolen this money by using nine different debit cards and withdrawing cash at nearby ATMs located in Carlsbad and Encinitas. Each credit card used has an owner, making nine victims involved in the case.

He is accused of processing the withdraws on 13 occasions within the dates of September 8th through November 16th. There is no report about how the suspect manages to obtain the pin information of each of the victims’ debit cards.

Carlsbad officers say that the unknown suspect is a white or Hispanic male, around the age of 25, slim with brown hair, and he wears a white fedora hat.

Anyone with further information about the identification of the suspect is highly encouraged to call Detective Adam Young at 760-931-2143 or



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