Folsom Police: Alcohol Sales Sting Results in 3 Arrests

Folsom Police: Alcohol Sales Sting Results in 3 Arrests

FOLSOM – A joint cooperative effort between the Folsom Police Department and Alcohol Beverage Control agents that took place on November 10th has resulted in the arrests of two adults and one minor.

Officers in this sting relied on the Decoy Alcohol Purchase Operation, which has been in use statewide by California since 1987.  This is done in co-operation with a minor under strict supervision of an officer.  The decoy minor visits different local establishments which hold a current liquor license and attempts to purchase alcoholic beverages.

The minor does not employ the use of a false identification card.  In this way local authorities can effectively arrest clerks and salespeople who provide underage access to alcohol, while at the same time encouraging local license holders to remain in compliance with the law.  In the last five years alone, officers in California have visited close to 4,000-6,000 businesses in this way.

During Folsom’s operation earlier this month, Aisle 1 gas station at 25045 Blue Ravine Road was caught selling alcohol to the minor decoy, as well as Hasu Teriyaki Sushi located at 25075 Blue Ravine Road.  This resulted in  Matthew Cameron Meyer (21) of Orangevale and Thomas Victor Mueller (66) of Roseville being placed under arrest for furnishing alcohol to a minor — which carries a minimum fine of $1,000 and 24 hours of community service.

During the operation, undercover officers also witnessed a juvenile that was in possession of marijuana, who was cited for the offence and released.

“The fact that the decoy was unable to get alcohol at most of the locations shows the success of this multi-year program in Folsom,” Detective Jake Verhalen said in a press release.

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