2 Arrested for 1999 Rape

2 Arrested for 1999 Rape

Ismael Salgado

SANTA ANA – On February 3, 1999, an 11-year-old girl was pulled into a car occupied by two men who proceeded to sexually assault her while parked in a secluded parking lot.

Not satisfied, they drove to yet another parking lot and assaulted the girl again.


Jose Plascencia

They then released the girl, who promptly reported the kidnapping and assault.  From video evidence taken at the gas station, authorities were able to see that one of the suspects was dressed in a plaid shirt and white pants.

Regrettably, the case went cold until this year, when detectives reviewed the case and submitted DNA evidence collected during the initial investigation.  They were able to match DNA with Ismael Salgado, now 36 and living in Chicago, where he was arrested. He was then extradited back to California.

Authorities determined that the other suspect might be Jose Plascencia, but his DNA was not in the database.

Plascencia, who now lives in Arizona, was followed by investigators for several days until they secured a plastic bottle that he discarded.  From this bottle they obtained his DNA and were able match it to evidence collected in 1999. He then joined his accomplice in California.

Bail for the pair was set at $1,000,000 each.


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