Vagrant Arrested for Sexual Battery

Vagrant Arrested for Sexual Battery

Main Street in Ventura

VENTURA — The streets in the busy commercial area of the city of Ventura usually quiet down in the evening hours once the area’s retail stores and business centers have shut down for the day, but in the early evening of October 20th, the area was anything but tranquil.

It was at approximately 6:45 in the evening when Ventura Police Department’s 911 Emergency Call Center received a citizen report of what the VPD Watch Commander described as “an intoxicated male” creating a public disturbance on a downtown commercial district public sidewalk.

Responding uniformed officers arrived to find that the suspect had vacated the area, but during their preliminary search were “contacted by a female juvenile” who informed them that the suspect they were seeking had “grabbed her and then followed her into a nearby business” whereupon he further assaulted her.

With that information at hand, officers promptly intensified their search and soon made contact with 26-year-old Cory Mackenzie, described as “a vagrant from San Bernardino County.”

Shortly thereafter, with the juvenile female victim making a positive identification of her attacker, officers made the determination that Mackenzie, observed by them to be “intoxicated and disorderly” was indeed their suspect.

Pursuant to the victim’s statements and the officers’ observations, Mackenzie was taken into custody and transported to Ventura County Medical Center where medical staff treated him for his level of intoxication.

Upon medical clearance, he was then taken to Ventura County Jail, where he was booked on charged of sexual battery and child annoyance.

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