NET Team Shuts Down Nightclub

NET Team Shuts Down Nightclub

Top row – Robert Cardiasmenos and Amber Hagle, Bottom – Patrick Eze and Stephanie Ross

SANTA CRUZ – The Santa Cruz Police Department’s Neighborhood Enforcement Team (NET), along with other members of Santa Cruz Law Enforcement community, went to a local nightclub and shut it down.

Last Saturday night, investigators went to the club under cover.  There were about 40 patrons inside the establishment that had an entry fee, live entertainment, and a DJ. The nightclub also illegally sold beer, wine, champagne and Jell-O shots without a permit.

The investigators also witnessed patrons using and distributing controlled substances.

The local Santa Cruz Fire Department also discovered several safety violations.  During the execution of the search warrant, investigators found a .38 caliber handgun located in a bedroom inside the warehouse style building.  They later determined that the handgun was stolen out of Shasta County.

Investigators arrested the owner and employees and charged them with conspiracy to sell alcoholic beverages without a license, failure to obtain Worker’s Comp Insurance, and possession of a stolen handgun.  One other employee was charged with possession of methamphetamine.

Arrested were 62-year-old Robert Cardiasmenos of Capitola, 52-year-old Stephanie Ross of Santa Cruz, 51-year-old Patrick Eze of Santa Cruz, and 33-year-old Amber Hagle of Santa Cruz.

36-year-old Stacy Crisler of Santa Cruz was issued a citation for possession of methamphetamine.

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