Knife Attack Ends with Arrest

Knife Attack Ends with Arrest

Aaron Carter

Ventura – There are some unfortunate people who seem to have a propensity for causing trouble, finding themselves in trouble, and when left to their own devices, repeating that short, turbulent life cycle. 47-year-old Aaron Carter, reportedly a transient living on the streets of the City of Ventura, is apparently one such person.

With a history of arrests including sexual assault, Carter was allegedly involved in a physical altercation on a Ventura downtown area commercial street with another male.

Carter had reportedly accosted a man and his wife outside of a restaurant, yelling in a threatening manner and ultimately pulling a knife on the man, threatening him with harm. Other restaurant patrons reportedly “came to the aid of the victim” while the incident was reported to 911 Emergency.

Shortly thereafter, Ventura Police Patrol units rolled onto the scene and, according to the VPD Watch Commander’s media report, observed Carter “armed and threatening with a knife.”

When officers attempted to contact Carter, he wheeled around and “charged toward them” in a threatening manner, going so far as to physically push one of the officers. This prompted the other man in uniform to deploy his taser, firing it at Carter, who ultimately suffered “a minor head injury” while resisting arrest, and was eventually “incapacitated.”

With Carter subdued and handcuffed, he was transported by ambulance to Ventura County Medical Center. Upon medical clearance, he was then transported to Ventura County Jail for booking on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon and felony resisting arrest.

Photo: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking

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