Nude Sacramento Man Arrested for Honey Oil Lab

Nude Sacramento Man Arrested for Honey Oil Lab

Robert Kamber booking photo

SACRAMENTO — A 24-year-old Sacramento man was arrested on Saturday, June 4, 2016, after being found passed out naked in the doorway of his apartment building after allegedly manufacturing honey oil in his suite.

Officers were called at approximately 11:00 p.m. after witnesses said Robert Kamber was lying nude on the floor of his apartment doorway on the 2700 block of I Street in midtown Sacramento. When police and Sacramento firefighters arrived, they also saw that a honey oil lab was set up inside Kamber’s apartment.

Sacramento Police spokesman Officer Matthew McPhail says honey oil is a resin containing the active ingredients of marijuana. Manufacturing it involves evaporating liquid into flammable gases, which then fill the area containing the lab.

“One small spark can cause an explosion,” says McPhail.

Fewer than 10 apartments in the building were evacuated for about two hours while a hazmat team was called in to deconstruct the lab.

Kamber did not appear to suffer from any effects of the chemicals involved in producing the honey oil, said Officer McPhail, but was intoxicated. Emergency personnel said he did not require medical care.

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