Girl Vandalizes Cop Cars

Girl Vandalizes Cop Cars

Melonie Hernandez

VENTURA COUNTY — Whether one is a supporter of local law enforcement or not—occasionally the case until one requires the services of a cop—it’s never a good idea to interfere with them in the performance of their duties (it’s a crime), nor is it a particularly wise move to destroy their equipment (also a crime).

But apparently 18-year-old Melonie Hernandez, a resident of Saticoy in eastern Ventura County, never got that memo or simply could not control her fervent disregard for legal authority when she picked up some large rocks and went to work destroying public property on the evening of May 7th.

Police display damaged cars

Police display damaged cars

She took the opportunity to express her feelings when Ventura County Sheriff’s Department deputies arrived in her neighborhood in pursuit of an individual on whom there were outstanding arrest warrants.

According to VCSD spokesman Sgt. Brian Richmond, “deputies parked their patrol units” and went through the Saticoy neighborhood on foot “looking for the wanted subject.”

While they were absent from their patrol vehicles, the deputies received an “emergency call for service” some distance away, and promptly returned to their cars only “to find both had been extensively vandalized,” with windshields and rear windows smashed by large rocks, several of which were now inside the cars.

The damage to their vehicles was so extensive that “the deputies could not safely respond” to the emergency call, requiring other units to respond.

One can only imagine the reaction of the deputies and of detectives as they investigated these circumstances. Just five days later, on May 12th, the VCSD Gang Unit identified Hernandez as the likely vandalism suspect, whereupon she was contacted at her residence and placed under arrest.

True to form, and certainly not thinking ahead to any possible courtroom defense posture, while in transit to Ventura County Jail for her booking on charges of felony vandalism and being under the influence of a controlled substance, Hernandez did her best to destroy the inside of the patrol car in which she was riding. Her bail was set at $15,000, probably a pittance compared to the restitution costs she may be facing.

Photos: courtesy Ventura County Sheriff, Ventura County Jail Booking

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