Fake Gun, Real Robbery

Fake Gun, Real Robbery

Three youths from Madera have been arrested, facing charges that include strong arm robbery on two counts and conspiracy on two counts after an incident on Wednesday.

According to the Madera Police Department, 19-year-old John Velez, 18-year-old Eli Solis, and third suspect (a minor) were arrested for robbing a Mobile gas station in Madera. One of the suspects is reported to have snuck beer into his clothing when the cashier confronted them. It is at this point that one of the suspects allegedly pulled out what appeared to be a gun. Later, they are said to have used the same tactic to rob a pedestrian nearby.

The suspects were arrested shortly afterwards, when it was discovered that the pistol used in the assault was an airsoft pistol.

Velez is being held on $430,000 bond and Solis on $410,380 bond. Both will be charged as adults.

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