Yet Another Insurance Fraudster Caught

Yet Another Insurance Fraudster Caught

Elizabeth Louise Brown

LOS ANGELES – The criminal mind sees what it thinks are numerous loopholes through which it can siphon off thousands of dollars in the insurance industry…..until it gets caught.

Recently, another case of insurance fraud brought the name of Elizabeth Louise Brown into the news spotlight.  The 48-year-old former claims adjuster with Explorer Insurance was arrested on April 7th and charged with insurance fraud and conspiracy.  Brown allegedly siphoned off $276,000 from her former employer.

Her crimes spanned the 33 months from January of 2013 through September of 2015.  During this time Brown added friends and family members to various claims, who then received payments from the insurers.

Investigators discovered at least 87 fraudulent claims.  Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones adds, “Every one of us pays for fraud through higher premiums when insurers pass their losses along to  consumers.”  Brown now faces a lengthy set of investigations with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office Auto Insurance Fraud Division.

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