San Bernardino Man Arrested After 2 Unsuccessful Carjacking Attempts

LOMA LINDA – A man that tried to carjack two women at an area hospital was arrested by San Bernardino County deputies late Wednesday night.

Anthony Dean Martinez, 32, of San Bernardino was arrested once deputies arrived after receiving separate reports that he attempted to carjack two females whose names were not released.

Deputies received an initial report that Martinez tried to enter the car of a woman driving in the lot at Loma Linda University Medical Center. When responding to the call, deputies learned that Martinez was unsuccessful.

After failing to enter that car, he approached a second car that was also occupied by a female driver, and attempted to enter through the passenger side door.

Deputies said the second driver sped away through the parking lot, causing Martinez to fall from the car. When deputies arrived, the located Martinez.

They learned that Martinez had chased the second car through the parking lot as she was trying to leave. He was able to catch up to the car again, attempting to climb into the passenger door one more time.

The second victim continued speeding through the parking lot, causing Martinez to fall again.
Deputies described the second victim in “complete fear.”

Neither victim was injured during the encounters, adding that neither one knew Martinez, according to deputies.

Although falling twice from the moving car, deputies said Martinez did not sustain any injuries.

Martinez was arrested, transported and booked into Central Detention Center on three counts of felony attempted carjacking. Held on $125,000 bail, Martinez faces a San Bernardino County Superior Court date on April 4.

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