Petaluma Pedestrian Rescued; Escaped Santa Rosa Inmate Recaptured

Petaluma Pedestrian Rescued; Escaped Santa Rosa Inmate Recaptured

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PETALUMA – A recent Advisory released by the Petaluma Police Department (PPD) reported the rescue of a man from the Petaluma River early Monday morning. Shortly before 1am on February 8th, PPD dispatch received reports of a man screaming for help in the area of Steamer Landing Park.

PPD Officers Jake Gutierrez and K9 Officer Corie Joerger responded to the scene and located a man who had fallen from a walking path and into the Petaluma River while walking home. The man’s legs were stuck in the mud and his attempts to free himself only caused him to sink deeper. The man was unable to state how long he had been stuck in the river.

Officer Joerger retrieved the leash of her K-9 partner from her patrol car and together with Officer Guitierrez was able to use the leash to reach the man and pull him out of the river to safety. The man was transported to Petaluma Valley Hospital for further evaluation; further details about his status are currently unknown.

MEANWHILE, in Santa Rosa, a community bulletin issued by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) reported that an inmate escaped custody while at the Sonoma County Superior Courthouse on Monday morning, February 8.

The inmate was identified as 37-year-old John Pote, a transient from Santa Rosa. Pote had been in custody since February 4 when he was arrested for five outstanding misdemeanor warrants. He was before Judge Medvigy in Department 4 when he became upset with the proceedings. Pote fled from the courtroom and courtroom personnel activated an emergency alarm that is sent directly to SCSO dispatch.

Pote was running with a Deputy on his heels commanding him to stop while other Deputies hearing the commotion and requests for assistance over the radio also responded to the scene. Pote was detained momentarily near the DA’s Office but physically resisted and broke free.

Pote ran straight toward another Deputy who was also yelling commands at him. When Pote did not stop, the Deputy used a taser to persuade his compliance. The taser did its job and stopped the suspect in his escape attempt. He was then successfully controlled and returned to the inmate processing area of the courthouse while the jail medical personnel attended to him. Pote was uninjured and returned to the adult detention facility.

He was booked with the additional charge of escape, which is a felony. No Deputies or bystanders were injured during the incident.

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