Santa Cruz Police Recover Vehicle But Lose Suspect

Santa Cruz Police Recover Vehicle But Lose Suspect

100 area of Baldwin Street

SANTA CRUZ — Santa Cruz County authorities warn that a carjacker is at large after an incident on Thursday night that left one resident without a car for 24 hours.

The suspect was reportedly armed, described as a white male adult between 20-25 years old, with a bandanna covering his face. He was also wearing a baseball cap, a black jacket, and jeans. He may also have some connection to a black 4-door Toyota Prius that was seen in the area at the time of the incident, but this is yet unsubstantiated.

The victim reported that he had parked his car — a 2015 Lexus RCF Coupe — in the 100 block of Baldwin Street and began walking home when he was approached by a man with an assault rifle. The man demanded the keys for the vehicle and then took off with the car.

Minutes later, responding officers spotted the car near Highway 1 and Western Drive. The car pulled over briefly to bait officers into stopping. A chase ensued, reaching speeds of up to 100 MPH and forcing police to ultimately abandon the suspect due to speed and safety concerns.

Authorities had the owner activate his Sirius XM satellite radio feature which can track the vehicle.  Dispatchers from Santa Cruz County were receiving periodic updates from the service.  The suspect eventually drove into San Mateo County.

Police had the vehicle’s owner activate the Sirius XM satellite radio, which was then used to track the vehicle to San Mateo County.

San Mateo County Sheriff’s Deputies eventually found it and decided to monitor its whereabouts in lieu of a pursuit. The car was tracked to a rural roadway off Highway 84.

Due to the dark and remote location, as well as the possibility that the suspect may be armed and dangerous, San Mateo deputies monitored the vehicle’s locations and patrolled the surrounding area via chopper.

The suspect has not been located as of yet.

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