Clerks Shoot San Bernardino Robbery Suspect on Christmas Day

Clerks Shoot San Bernardino Robbery Suspect on Christmas Day

SB Liquors on 484 South Rancho Avenue

SAN BERNARDINO – A juvenile robbery suspect who helped rob a liquor store on December 25 isn’t expected to survive after being shot by armed citizens who worked at the business.

Four juveniles, whose faces were covered with bandannas, entered a liquor store at 484 South Rancho Avenue shortly before 2:10 p.m. on Christmas day.

One of the robbers, armed with a handgun later determined to be a pellet gun, demanded money from a store clerk.

Police said there were two clerks at the store. One of them drew a gun and shot at one of the robbers, who fled from the store in a car. The injured suspect, who was not identified, had been shot multiple times.

A short distance away, neighboring Colton police officers quickly detained the suspects near Pennsylvania Avenue, according to reports. Police found the suspects in the backyard of a Colton residence. According to reports, three of the suspects were trying to move the body of the fourth suspect.

Both of the store clerks, said Lt. Richard Lawhead were “fearing for their lives, armed themselves and shot” at the suspects with pistols that were hidden behind the counter.

It is not against the law, said Lawhead, for clerks to hide a gun for protection against possible crimes or in defense of a store. He said they are “legally permitted” to carry such weapons.

Once the police detained the suspects, the injured youth was taken to nearby Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton. According to a release, he “was not expected to survive from his wounds.”

Law enforcement investigators are investigating other crimes and possible connections to these robbery suspects, Lawhead said.

The three other teens were arrested for the crimes, reports stated. Names have yet to be released until further investigation is concluded.

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