More Money From Armored Car Heist Found in Fontana

More Money From Armored Car Heist Found in Fontana

The Yanez home recently went through numerous upgrades – new roof, driveway, and lawn

FONTANA – FBI agents and Los Angeles Police detectives raided a residence on Wednesday morning, October 7, recovering $600,000 in a robbery that netted more than $1 million last year. Authorities are still searching for additional money missing from a “Brinks Job” armored truck robbery in June 2014.

The residence, located on the 9300 block of Marcona Avenue, was once occupied by the armored truck driver. The cash was recovered after detectives dug in the back yard in search of the money, according to San Bernardino County officials, which had been buried there by the culprits, according to some reports.

The FBI displays the confiscated cash

The FBI displays the confiscated cash

The truck driver, 37-year-old Casey Yanez, who worked for the Loomis armored truck company, and his accomplice Aldo Esquivel Vega, 28, of Pomona, were arrested in Los Angeles by the FBI and L.A. police last November. Some $85,000 cash was also discovered in Yanez’s home at the time of his arrest.

Yanez and Vega, while employed by Loomis, had been transporting a multi-million dollar shipment for Bank of America. According to reports, they stopped in a parking lot at an L.A. location somewhere near West Adams Blvd.

Vega reportedly opened the rear doors of the armored truck electronically, which allowed Yanez to enter the cash storage area inside the vehicle.

Reports state that Yanez, who has pleaded guilty to committing bank larceny and conspiracy to commit bank larceny, took cash from the truck and placed it in a trash can before they left the parking lot. Another suspect, Leticia Yanez, reportedly picked up the cash. Later that day, Jovita Medina Guzman delivered some of the stolen money to Vega, according to reports.

Guzman, 39, of San Bernardino, was charged with helping Vega and Yanez to hide the money and disperse the stolen funds, all after the fact. Leticia Yanez and Jovita Guzman are still awaiting trial, and Aldo Vega has not yet been sentenced for his part in the crime.

An FBI spokesman said another $300,000 from the modern-day “Brinks Job” is still missing. The money discovered in Fontana was wrapped in bundles of $20 and $100 notes, stored in plastic containers. Authorities excavated the containers underneath a patch of trees.

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