Will 1978 Cop Killer Get Paroled?

Will 1978 Cop Killer Get Paroled?

SACRAMENTO – Archie Buggs was a Vietnam veteran, a family man and one of the few black patrol officers on the San Diego Police force in 1978 when, on November 4th, he began his beat at midnight.  He did not see the sunrise.

Drug-addled gang-banger Jesus Cecena, four months shy of his 18th birthday, ambushed Buggs when the officer pulled him over for a traffic stop. Cecena promptly shot the police officer 3 times, and then walked up to the dying man and finished him off with a shot to the head.

Cop-killer Jesus Cecena has been appropriately incarcerated ever since that fateful night. Then, last year, the state parole board recommended freedom for him. Governor Jerry Brown rejected their decision.


On Friday August 28 at Valley State Prison near Fresno, Cecena faced yet another Parole Board hearing. Once again they recommended granting him a parole date. This decision has been reached in spite of the fact that Cecena has received over ten violation reports for misconduct while in prison.


The ADDA (Association of Deputy District Attorneys) issued a statement on this issue, noting, “There is certainly room for compassion in criminal justice. But not for cop killers – no matter how difficult their childhoods were or their age when they committed the crime.”

Once again Governor Jerry Brown will receive this most recent decision for his review. The process will take three to four months. We encourage friends who support law enforcement and those who respect the lives of police officers to contact Governor Brown and urge him to keep cop killers who are sentenced to life in prison behind bars.  Send correspondence to: Governor Jerry Brown c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173, Sacramento CA, 95814.  The phone is (916) 445-2841 and the fax is (916)558-3160.

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