Pair Hides Stolen Items Under Baby in Stroller

RANCHO CORDOVA – On Tuesday afternoon two men entered CVS Pharmacy on Zinfandel Drive with a baby in a stroller.  Soon after paying for one item from the store, they left with shoplifted items hidden in the stroller.

Deaire Jeffries

Employees of the store called the police, who arrived and in a subsequent search near the vicinity of the store detained 26-year-old Danny Williams and  31-year-old Deaire Jeffries.  Store personnel positively identified the pair as the ones who recently walked out with the shoplifted items.

Police then searched the stroller and found DVDs and bottles of alcohol taken from the store.

Danny Williams

Williams and Jeffries were arrested and booked on charges of burglary and child endangerment.  Williams was also charged with a parole violation.

Police identified the toddler in the stroller as Williams’ child.  She was taken into protective custody as a result of her father’s arrest.

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