Subway Employee Could Receive Sentence of 100 Years or More

Subway Employee Could Receive Sentence of 100 Years or More

SACRAMENTO—A former employee of a Sacramento Subway sandwich shop could face a prison sentence of more than a century after a jury found him guilty of sexually assaulting a coworker in early 2014.

On Friday, August 15, Sacramento Superior Court jurors convicted Kenneth C. Anderson, 24, of five counts of forcible sexual penetration by a foreign object and a count of unlawfully attempting to dissuade the victim from reporting the crime to authorities. The jury also found true special allegations that Anderson bound and inflicted great bodily injury on the woman during the sexual attack.

Prosecutors said Anderson sneaked into the Subway shop on Auburn Boulevard in Foothill Farms on March 24, 2014 one hour before a coworker was set to begin her shift at 6:30 am.

The Subway on  Auburn Blvd. in Foothill Farms

The Subway on Auburn Blvd. in Foothill Farms

Anderson struck her in the head as she entered the store, taped her mouth with duct tape and covered her head with a shirt before sexually assaulting and brutally beating her. The victim was able to free her herself two hours later, call for help and was taken to a nearby hospital, authorities said.

When Anderson returns to court on September 11, Sacramento Superior Court Judge Maryanne Gilliard could sentence him to up to 125 years to life in state prison.

In other Subway news, former pitchman, Jared Fogle—also known as the “Subway Guy”—has pleaded guilty in federal court today in Indiana to charges of child pornography and traveling for illicit paid sex with minors.

Federal Judge Mark Dinsmore is now reviewing the plea Fogle’s attorneys have reached with prosecutors and decide whether to accept it.  .

Under the deal, Fogle would serve between five and 12 years in prison, pay $1.4 million in restitution to 14 minor victims, register as a sex offender and meet other conditions.

Subway fired Fogle on August 18 when reports of the plea agreement emerged.

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