Parolee Meth Dealer Busted

Parolee Meth Dealer Busted

Ventura County – In another clear example of the fact that some people simply refuse to learn the errors of their ways, 44-year-old Oxnard resident Jessie Casarez, a man who was both serving the terms of a felony parole and was out on bail pursuant to recent charges of possession for sale and sales of methamphetamine, was arrested yet again on the afternoon of July 14th on those same charges and others.

According to Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Sgt. J. Hendren, the VCSD’s Narcotics Bureau and the Oxnard Police Department had been observing the activities of Casarez pursuant to information they had received pointing to his ongoing activities in the methamphetamine marketplace. Because detectives have a proclivity toward believing the tales of their information sources, a search warrant upon the person, vehicle, and residence of Casarez was obtained and executed on July 17th.

The service of that warrant upon Casarez “as he left a convenience store in the city of Oxnard” provided a cornucopia of evidence pointing directly to his illegal drug sales activities, and included methamphetamine, narcotics packaging, a scale, and an undisclosed amount of currency. Casarez’ vehicle was searched as well, and at that time his hapless passenger, Vanessa Carriedo, a 24-year old from Oxnard was found to be under the influence of a controlled substance and was herself arrested.

For his part, Casarez was booked into Ventura County Jail on charges of possession for sales of methamphetamine, parole violation, and committing a felony while on bail, with his bail set at $250,000. Carriedo was booked into Ventura County Jail on charges of being under the influence, with her bail set at $5,000.

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