Four suspects arrested in sexual battery and assault of gay roomate

Four suspects arrested in sexual battery and assault of gay roomate

27-year-old Eric Martinez, along with his three known associates, 18-year-old Juan Carlos Jimenez, 17-year-old Salvador Hernandez and 17-year-old Christian Jimenez (who both are being tried as adults) were arrested on July 10 for felony robbery of an inhabited place under Penal Code 211-213(a)(1)(A), with special circumstances, along with multiple other charges.

On Thursday, July 9, the four male suspects are accused of participating in the rape of a male victim under PC 289(a)(1)(A). The three teen suspects, along with Martinez, are expected to face up to or more than 5 years in prison for the accusations that they held the victim against his will at knife point. They have also been charged with making criminal threats to cause bodily harm to the victim, while trying to dissuade a witness from reporting the crime. A gang enhancement charge has also been added under PC 186.22(a). Other misdemeanor charges have been added for resisting or delaying an officer and possession of a controlled substance.

It was reported that on that day, three victims were held against their will at the house on the 1500 block of Harvest Drive in San Jose. It was then that the four Hispanic suspects attacked a male resident by hitting him in the head several times with a handgun, breaking several bones in his face. Another suspect began to torture the male victim by using a knife to cut into his arms. Juan Jimenez and Eric Martinez reportedly attacked and raped the victim while the other suspects watched. Pillow cases and tape were then used to cover the victim, along with two women who had come to visit. Once the victims were covered, the suspects began to ransack the house looking for cash and other items.

It is believed that because the male victim was homosexual, the three suspects hurt him while they did not hurt the two women. After the suspects lost interest in speaking to the victims, one of them was able to use her phone to text a friend for help, who then called the San Jose Police. When SJPD Officers arrived they were able to locate two suspects in the home, while two others had tried to escape. However, after searching the nearby area they were able to locate the other two suspects. Martinez reportedly lived at the house, and was roommates with the male victim. He reported his occupation as a plumber.

According to both female victims, “they thought it was weird that when they arrived at the (victim’s home) all the roommates immediately left the residence.” The two female victims recalled seeing four individuals sitting in the Martinez’s truck before they entered the residence. They told the male victim, but he seemed to not care about it.

Once Martinez had ended the attack, the roommate came out from the house carrying a baseball bat with tape around his neck. The victim was told by police to drop the bat. He complied but said, “It wasn’t me it was Eric Martinez.”

Eric Martinez and Juan Carlos Jimenez were booked on charges of robbery, home invasion robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats, and penetration with a foreign object. Martinez was additionally charged with torture and false imprisonment. Salvador Hernandez and Christian Jimenez were booked for assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, participation in a criminal street gang, street terrorism while violating parole, and carjacking.

The next court date has been scheduled for July 24 at 9:00 AM in Dept 33.

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