Santa Rosa Motel 6 troubles

Santa Rosa Motel 6 troubles

There are two Motel 6 locations in Santa Rosa – both at the north end of town along the 101 Freeway, both on Cleveland Avenue, and they are about a half a mile apart. Both of them have also struggled with delivering a “quality experience” to at least some of their guests, according to reviews posted on sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. Motel 6 – South made the news in May when a group of gangsters beat up a 29-year-old man who had been partying in one of the rooms with a group of friends. Maurice Marchbanks and Marcos Vazquez were both arrested in that attack.

Motel 6 – North has had some of the same problems with online reviewers complaining of issues like the service and the “characters” hanging around the motel, even after their recent remodel. (Some reviewers have also given the place high marks for the clean, remodeled facility.) And it appears that the motel management has made efforts to address the problems, even posting responses to complaints on TripAdvisor. A recent effort to address a problem involved a call to Santa Rosa police to help rid the motel of three adult teens.

According to the Santa Rosa police in a press release, on Friday night, July 10, the manager became aware that a man and two women were in one of the rooms which was not registered to any of them. The motel security guard recognized the man as someone who had been kicked off the property before and was told not to come back. The manager and security officer tried repeatedly to get the three to leave, but they refused. The manager, noting the tattoos on the young man’s face and arms, was concerned that he was a gang member, and may be a threat to the guard and the other motel guests. It was just after midnight when they called police to assist in the situation.

The gun found in the room where the 3 had been hanging out.

The gun found in the room where the 3 had been hanging out.

The security guard used used an access key to open the room, and the officers helped check out who and what was inside. The three people, 19-year-old Antonio Masco Resendez of nearby Healdsburg, along with two young women from Santa Rosa, aged 18 and 19, were all detained while the room was checked. No one else was there, but they saw that there were narcotics sitting out on the table. The three claimed that none of it was theirs. Further search revealed more drugs, and finally a loaded semi-automatic pistol, which turned out to be stolen.

A detective from the Santa Rosa PD Gang Crimes Team was called in to assist, and it was concluded that the drugs, weapon, and motel trouble was the responsibility of Resendez. He was arrested for felony possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of stolen property and a narcotic controlled substance, and felony participation in a criminal street gang.

As the Santa Rosa Police and Gang Crimes Team continue their efforts to reduce gang violence in the community, they encourage anyone who witnesses gang activity to call them at 707-528-5222. Anonyous messages may be called in to 707-543-GANG (4264).

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