Redding sex offender disturbs children’s party

Redding sex offender disturbs children’s party

Residents of Ricardo Avenue in south Redding, in the Layton Oaks area just west of the Interstate 5 Freeway, may or may not have been aware that a registered sex offender lived on their street, but they did report that the man, Glen Matthew Everett, had been acting aggressively in the days around the July 4th Holiday.

On Monday evening, July 6, one of the Ricardo Avenue residents was having a birthday party for their young child out in the front yard. According to Redding Police, Everett, 35, approached the party and was acting inappropriately towards the kids. When parents intervened, demanding that he leave, he responded to them aggressively, arguing with them, and even briefly left the scene to his home across the street, returning with a kitchen knife.

Glen Matthew Everett, image from the Megan's Law website

Glen Matthew Everett, image from the Megan’s Law website

At this point, the adults took action, moving the kids to the backyard and calling police. Everett waved the knife wildly, yelling at those trying to keep him at bay, and spat on one of the parents.

Redding Police officers arrived and approached Everett, but he ran into his house. The officers followed, but he barricaded himself in a bedroom. The officers retreated, securing the area with a perimeter. Someone reported that the suspect was suicidal, and may have additional weapons.

Records show that Glen Everett was arrested in 2005, while living in western Redding, just blocks from the Shasta County Courthouse. He was charged with indecent exposure. That incident, or possibly another, led to his registration as a sex offender, as reported on the Megan’s Law website. He is listed there as having committed lewd acts on a child under 14-years-old.

In December of last year, Redding police arrested him for disorderly conduct, public intoxication. He was arrested on December 23 at the Shasta Regional Medical Center. On March 4 of this year he was arrested on domestic violence charges – battery on a spouse, co-habitant, or former spouse. He was arrested at 6:44 in the evening by Redding police at his home on Ricardo Avenue.

Rather than step out the front door, Everett reportedly broke and "rolled out" one of the windows.

Rather than step out the front door, Everett reportedly broke and “rolled out” one of the windows.

After Redding police had secured the area, and made sure everyone, especially the children at the party, were in a safe location, they tried to negotiate with him to surrender peacefully. But instead he came to a broken front window, threatening to kill the police while he held a shard of the window glass in his hand. In line with his reported suicidal tendencies, he told police they’d have to kill him to get him out.

Eventually, however, he did agree to surrender, but in a dramatic flourish, he rolled out the broken window frame, and the officers quickly took him into custody. He was taken to the hospital for medical clearance for any cuts or bruises, and then booked into Shasta County Jail on charges of making terrorist threats, brandishing a knife in a threatening manner, assault and battery for spitting on the person from the party, annoying children, and resisting and obstructing officers.


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