Bulldog Gang Member Caught With Stolen IDs, Credit Cards

Bulldog Gang Member Caught With Stolen IDs, Credit Cards

FRESNO – Five Bulldog gang members were arrested during a probation search over the weekend, including one who was found with a counterfeit ID and an IRS refund check.

Officers with the Fresno Police Department conducted a search at a home in the 4500 block of East McKenzie Avenue in southeast Fresno. They arrested 41-year-old Miguel Padilla of Fresno, who was in possession of three driver’s licenses that were not his, including one that was determined to be counterfeit, police said.

Padilla also had three credit cards from three different people, a stolen IRS refund check with a forged signature on the back, and a counterfeit IRS refund check, authorities said.

Padilla told police that all of the items were inside of a wallet that he had found that day, and that he was planning to return the items to their owners. Padilla is being charged with 11 felonies and seven misdemeanors, authorities said. Padilla is also connected to four theft cases in Fresno, as well as one in Hanford, police said.

Police also arrested Jacob Ayala, 42, of Fresno, who is being charged with being in possession of ammunition while being a convicted felon, having a methamphetamine smoking pipe with narcotics inside and having hypodermic syringes.

Three other Bulldog gang members were also arrested on various charges, police said.

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