Motoring Masturbator in Firm Hand of the Law

Motoring Masturbator in Firm Hand of the Law

Ventura County – The Fillmore Police Department has recently received a number of citizen reports recounting serial episodes of public indecency performed on city streets by a man driving a white Dodge Charger.

According to Fillmore Police Department Detective Javier Chavez, multiple females reported having walked past the white Charger while it was at a complete stop at intersections within the city. While the driver of the car was apparently compliant with the Vehicle Code, he may have been unaware of the fact that while one is inside one’s vehicle, one is still considered to be “in public.” The male suspect’s ability to grasp this notion may have been diminished by the effects of grasping his own anatomy, which resulted female pedestrians witnessing the horrors of what Det. Chavez described as a “male subject masturbating” while behind the wheel of his car.

While there was no reported indication that for his part, the man in turn observed the females who were apparently intently observing him, Fillmore deputies responded and soon located the suspect vehicle in the parking lot of a fast food establishment.

As deputies were making contact with Melescio Poncedeleon, a 29-year old hailing from Wasco, the city notorious as the home of the California Department of Corrections Reception Center and State Prison, a second female who was driving past the fast food establishment stopped to volunteer that she had personally seen Poncedeleon masturbating behind the wheel of his car not just once, but on two separate prior occasions. Chavez’ report to the media did not indicate how the young woman happened to be so unfortunate as to be in the wrong place at the wrong time twice, but based upon the report of this second victim, Poncedeleon was arrested at the scene, presumably handcuffed in such a fashion as to prevent any further criminal self-gratification while in their custody, and transported to Ventura County Jail, where he was booked on charges of indecent exposure.

Photo: Courtesy Ventura County Jail Booking

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