Juvenile Robs Salinas Pharmacy with Fake Gun

Juvenile Robs Salinas Pharmacy with Fake Gun

He Had No Previous Arrest Record

SALINAS—Usually when I walk into the Safeway Store on Harden Parkway, the pharmacy is open with customers waiting to fill their prescriptions. However this Wednesday it was closed, and I found myself wondering, why?  Little did I know at the time, just a few moments before I had entered the store an armed suspect had come in with the intent to rob the pharmacy.  Diligent Salinas Police Officers managed to arrest the 13-year-old Juvenile suspect just a few yards from the store.

Several witnesses to the crime reported to police that they saw the suspect wearing a black plastic mask, similar to that worn for paint ball, enter the store and approach an employee at the counter of the pharmacy. He threatened the employee by stating that he was in possession of a firearm and he wanted prescription medication.

The employee obliged the suspect with his request and handed over a small amount of prescription drugs.  After receiving the drugs the suspect preceded to exit the store. Witnesses provided police with a very detailed description of him.

The description was so accurate that Salinas Police Officer Oscar Dydasco, who responded to the call, spotted the suspect running east bound on Harden Parkway. Officer Dydasco and a second officer took the 13-year-old boy into custody without further incident.

A search of the suspect produced a black colored semi-automatic replica firearm hidden in his waistband.  All the property was returned to the pharmacy. He was booked into the Monterey County Juvenile Hall on armed robbery charges.

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