Juvenile Girl Arrested For Posting To Instagram Account

Juvenile Girl Arrested For Posting To Instagram Account

Postings Included Nude Pictures and Violent Fights

HOLLISTER—The Hollister Police Department concluded a two-month investigation that saw the arrest of a juvenile who used an Instagram account to gain notoriety by posting partially nude photos of female juveniles, and posting violent fight videos.

Back in February, Hollister School Resource Officer Michael Paddy was made aware of an Instagram account that had photographs of nude underaged girls posted on it.  Officer Paddy immediately began investigating the account, and not only did he find the photos of the juvenile, but there were several videos of males and females involved in violent altercations.


Hollister Police made several attempts to request Instagram, Inc. to remove or suspend the account, but the company apparently made no effort to remove it.  Meanwhile, the account continued to gain notoriety as other followers began to also post their own videos to the account.

At one point, the account had approximately 2,000 followers with a total of 27 violent videos postings. The account was so popular that students began identifying involved parties by name, and thus caused bullying concerns that disrupted the local high school and middle schools.

Officer Paddy was eventually able to identify the responsible party for the account and arrested the individual. The culprit was a juvenile female that attended a local middle school, and was using the account to gain popularity. She was arrested and charged with soliciting others to fight or use force likely to produce great bodily harm.  With the subject under arrest and sent to Juvenile Hall, Hollister Police were able to close the Instagram account.

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