Los Angeles Bicyclist Gets Popped in Hawthorne

Los Angeles Bicyclist Gets Popped in Hawthorne

HAWTHORNE, CA—Being on a bicycle seems like a good way to appear non-threatening, and perhaps even bereft of controlled substances. But it seems as if even that may not prevent one from being detained, questioned and arrested.

Marcos Antonio Jimenez, 26, was arrested by Hawthorne police on Monday, February 23 at approximately 7 p.m. along the 4000 block of El Segundo Boulevard at Prairie Avenue, just south of the Hawthorne Municipal Airport, and just one major block east of the Hawthorne Police department HQ. The Los Angeles man, a tattoo artist according to police reports, was charged with three violations and found to have no fewer than five outstanding warrants from no fewer than three other police agencies.

The new charges were simple possession of a controlled substance (11377HS), failure to present identification (40302(A)VC) and operating a vehicle on a sidewalk (HAMC 10.06.01). The latter violation, defined by Hawthorne’s municipal code, was stated to be a bicycle.

There were three warrants from L.A. County Sheriff’s Department: two for simple possession (11377HS) and one for possession of a concentrated cannabis (11357(A)HS). Torrance PD had a warrant for the simple possession charge as well (11377HS) and Inglewood PD had the fifth one for driving with a suspended driver’s license (14601.1AVC).

Bail for the new charges was $1,800 and bail for the warrants $216,000, for a grand total of $217,800.

Perhaps he should have obtained a pilot’s license and used the nearby airport to convey controlled substances.

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