One Man Released, Another Arrested in San Bernardino Slayings

One Man Released, Another Arrested in San Bernardino Slayings

SAN BERNARDINO – One suspect was released in one fatal shooting, and another was arrested in Las Vegas for another fatal shooting, both connected to an eruption of gunfire on March 5 that took place at a night club and a nearby gas station.

Three men died in the shootings and seven others suffered injuries in a shooting incident that is still being investigated. Te’ron Reed suffered fatal injuries at the Stingers Bar and Nightclub and Vincent Malone, 30, was arrested on March 5. One day later, however, Malone was released after his arraignment did not include any mention of the shooting.

Prosecutors, according to officials, did not have enough evidence to charge Malone. According to court records, he was claiming self defense in his shooting. At his arraignment he was charged with vehicle code violations dating from earlier warrants. As for the killing of Reed, a spokesman said police are continuing to investigate.

There is evidence, according to police, offering proof that Malone’s shooting of Reed may have been self defense. Meanwhile, Richard Allen Wynne, 30, of Victorville, was taken into custody by Las Vegas police when witnesses claimed he was responsible in another shooting death, that of 28-year-old Inglewood resident Petetrial Scott that took place at a nearby gas station shortly after the Stingers attack.

Wynne, according to police, also tried to kill Richard Ford, 28, of Victorville, at the gas station, which is a short distance from the Stingers night club. Ford was not wounded. Wynne was identified and traced to Las Vegas by a fugitive task force that assisted San Bernardino Police in the shooting investigation.

A third death, that of Jerry Jamale Jackson, 37, resulted from gunshot wounds suffered in the same incident. A unidentified woman remained in critical condition after the shootings, but police have not updated her condition.

Te’ron Reed and Jackson were both standing in the parking lot at ARCO, say police, and were both shot by Wynne. Police have said the gunshots were the result of two rival gangs at war. Some 30 to 40 shots were fired, according to police.

The Stingers Night Club is located at 194 West Club Center Drive, less than a mile from the ARCO station, which was shut down during the shooting investigation well into the next day.

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