Convicted Child Molester Gets Maxed Out

Convicted Child Molester Gets Maxed Out

Santa Barbara – Manuel Peter Munoz, 65, following a 16-day jury trial in which he was found guilty of five felony counts of child molestation, has received the maximum sentence under the law.

At the behest of Santa Barbara County Senior Deputy District Attorney Paula Waldman—widely regarded as a ruthless prosecutor in cases involving female and underage victims of alleged assaults of any kind—Munoz was sentenced on February 9th to 75 years to life in prison.

Munoz was sentenced by Santa Barbara Superior Court Judge Michael Carrozzo pursuant to his December 9, 2014 conviction of forcible child molestation. His victims, according to Santa Barbara Police Department Public Information Officer Sgt. Riley Harwood, were two boys—both his grandsons–under the age of 14 who were at the time residing with Munoz. Prior to his October 2013 arrest, “investigation revealed that Munoz lived with the victims and their parents” and “when Munoz was entrusted to care for the victims, he repeatedly molested them.”

Pursuant to reports of the suspected molestations by individuals outside the Munoz family, Waldman obtained a $5,000,000 arrest warrant for Munoz which was served upon him after he had relocated to San Francisco. Once in custody, he was promptly transported to Santa Barbara, charged for his crimes, and ultimately convicted.

Upon the rendering of the jury verdict in her favor, Waldman spoke openly to the press about her victory as is her custom, saying “just because a victim’s disclosure comes out in bits and pieces, doesn’t mean that the victim wasn’t molested.”

As no individuals serving time under California’s current indeterminate sentencing guidelines have ever been released from prison, it is highly unlikely that the 65-year old Munoz will be able to apply for parole eligibility following his first 75 years of incarceration.

Photo: courtesy Santa Barbara County Jail Booking

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