Mexican Food Lunch Leads to Stabbing

Mexican Food Lunch Leads to Stabbing

Ventura – Maybe they ran out of chips and guacamole or the hot sauce was just a little too hot, but when Jacob Rogers and Cameron Calabrese, both local area residents, were dining inside La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant in the City of Ventura at the lunch hour on January 28th, they became engaged in what the Ventura Police Department’s unnamed spokesman described as a “verbal altercation”.

Apparently neither Rogers, 27, or Calabrese, 26, felt that their words were getting through to the other, and things became far more than verbal, resulting in Rogers suffering a stab wound to the shoulder at the hand of Calabrese. A restaurant patron immediately placed a 911 Emergency call to report the violent outburst and stabbing, telling the dispatch operator that Calabrese had fled the premises on foot.

As the 911 report went out on the airwaves, patrol officers at the Ventura College Police Department heard it and headed toward the restaurant. While enroute, they observed Calabrese on foot and promptly gave chase. Understandably infused with adrenaline as he may have been, Calabrese was still no match for the athletic running skills of the trained law enforcement personnel who soon enough dogged him down and took him into custody. With the arrival of officers from the Ventura Police Department, Calabrese was found to be in possession of a small knife suspected to have been the assault weapon.

Proving once again that losers of fights go to the hospital and winners go to jail, Rogers was transported to Ventura County Medical Center for treatment of his injuries while Calabrese was taken to Ventura County Jail and booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

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