Vehicle Check Turns Into Pursuit

Vehicle Check Turns Into Pursuit

Suspect Was On Parole At Time Of Incident

HOLLISTER—The Hollister Police Department arrested a parolee after he led one of their officers on a vehicle chase through the streets of Hollister on Sunday night. Police arrested 23-year-old Hollister resident Julio Cesar Perez on charges of evading in a vehicle among other charges.

While on routine patrol of the south Hollister area near Sunnyslope Road and Valley View Road, Officer Toribio noticed a suspicious vehicle. As he began to investigate he witnessed the driver of the vehicle turn off the headlights, and then proceed to run stop signs.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if you don’t want to be noticed you don’t do something illegal in front of the cops. Officer Toribio attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver, I guess deciding that he was already trouble, decided to take Officer Toribio on an impromtu tour of south Hollister.

The suspect, now identified as Perez, led Officer Toribio westbound down Union Road, then northbound on San Benito Street. When Perez approached the intersection of San Benito and Nash Road, he tried to negotiate a turn onto westbound Nash Road, but collided with a car that was stopped at the intersection.

Perez continued down Nash Road, and now wanted for hit and run, until he again tried to negotiate a turn onto Suiter Street, but failed and crashed into a fence at a home on the 500 block of Nash Road.

Now with his car disabled, Perez decided to run from the vehicle, but Officer Toribio, being known as one of Hollister’s fastest officers, caught him within 100 yards. Perez was booked on charges of evading police in a vehicle, parole violations, resisting arrest, driving without a license, (no wonder he couldn’t negotiate the turns) and lets not forget the two charges of leaving the scene of two collisions. And since he was carrying drugs without disclosing them when he was booked, he was also charged with bringing drugs into jail.


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