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Santa Clara

Auto burglary suspect gets 5 year sentence for credit card theft

27-year-old John Thomas Conlon Jr. of San Jose pleaded no contest to charges under PC 459-460 auto burglary, and PC 530.5(a), unauthorized use of personal information, on Friday, November 21.

Santa Barbara

Drug Raid Nets Nine

November 26 – Santa Barbara – It’s common knowledge that being a residential landlord isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Sure, there’s the delight of receiving monthly income in

Placer San Joaquin

Roseville PD Make Arrests During Burglary Prevention Patrols

Officers from the Roseville Police Department reportedly arrested two individuals early this week during an early morning burglary prevention patrol in the Lead Hill area, according to an official weekly


Neighbors Help Officers Arrest Attempted Burglary Suspect in East Roseville

Some concerned citizens in the East Roseville area came to the aid of their neighbor, helping lead to the apprehension of an attempted burglary suspect, according to an official weekly

Placer Sacramento

Roseville PD Arrest Burglary Suspect Thanks to Alert Witness

A watchful citizen alerting Roseville Police Department led to officers putting a burglary suspect behind bars, according to an official weekly crime report. Joseph Anthony Siino III, 29, of Folsom

Solano Yolo

Married Couple With Children Arrested on Drug, Firearms Charges In Davis

After a Davis Police raid of their home, a Davis couple has been arrested following discovery of illegal drugs and firearms in their residence located along the 1000 block of

Celebrity News Solano

“Movie Studio Mogul” Pleads Not Guilty of Scamming Investors

It was perhaps a minor miracle that Carissa Carpenter, 51, actually showed up for her arraignment in Federal Court to plead not guilty to charges she had bilked investors in


Woodland Firefighter Accused of Defrauding City Government

An ex-firefighter accused of stealing from his former employer, the City of Woodland, is scheduled to be arraigned in Yolo Superior Court on December 12. Woodland Police suspect Dominic Norman,


K-9 Catches Car Thief

November 25 – VENTURA  After midnight on a Monday, the streets of Ventura normally carry only the lightest of traffic. Given that reality, any car cruising the city’s thoroughfares in


Trio of vandals call police on themselves

HUNTINGTON BEACH – It must have started with three friends planning to raise a little hell in their hometown. The three teenage young men from Huntington Beach got together some