Trio of vandals call police on themselves

Trio of vandals call police on themselves

HUNTINGTON BEACH – It must have started with three friends planning to raise a little hell in their hometown. The three teenage young men from Huntington Beach got together some eggs and headed out in one of their cars.

According to the Huntington Beach Police, they were driving around and throwing eggs at cars in a neighborhood near Brookhurst and Adams. While eggs can cause serious damage to a paint job, if the owner is lucky enough to catch it before it dries, it can be cleaned off with no harm done. Of course, most of the car owners wouldn’t catch the attack until the next morning and have a more serious task at hand to try to avoid permanent blemishes.

But for some reason, the trio, Noah Michael Davis and Andrew Gerosa, both 18, and an unidentified minor, decided to take it a step further. Stopping at a house on Crailet Drive, they poured paint on a truck parked in front. It is not clear if they brought the paint, or happened to find it on the victim’s truck, nor if the victim was known to them, or just a random choice. But the owner of the truck happened to witness the act, and went after the culprits.

They quickly drove off, but the truck owner followed them. They headed south, towards the beach, and the man in the truck stayed with them. They began to fear the consequences from the angry driver, and as they reached the area of Magnolia and Hamilton, at nearly 11:00 pm, they called police for help. The caller said he and his friends were being chased, and feared for their safety.

When officers caught up to the two vehicles, the man in the truck told them how he had caught them in the act, showed the results of the paint on his truck, and even had video surveillance cameras at his home that captured the young men damaging his truck.

The three were arrested and charged with felony vandalism and conspiracy to commit the crimes. The juvenile was released to his parents, while Davis and Gerosa were booked into the Huntington Beach Police Department Jail.

Note: The original post had a photo of a Noah Davis, but it was not the same person as the one arrested in this incident. We regret the error.

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