Needed a Smoke, Robbed the Store

Needed a Smoke, Robbed the Store

Ventura – In apparent disregard of the reality in today’s health-conscious environment where it’s no longer an easy thing to find a place anywhere in public where a gentleman can enjoy the pleasures of a good smoke, in the mid-afternoon of November 16th Jay Quintero, a 22-year old resident of Ventura entered his local gas station convenience store in search of what the Ventura Police Department Watch Commander’s report to the media described as “tobacco items”.

According to the VPD report, Quintero “had brandished a knife at the clerk” just before he lunged across the counter at the North Ventura Avenue USA Gas Station in a dangerous attempt to intimidate the clerk into backing off and enabling his pilfering a pack or two of cigarettes. In making his threatening move, Quintero “knocked over several items” before realizing that the clerk—apparently not terribly intimidated at this point—was dialing 911 to report the robbery in progress.

At that point, perhaps realizing that no pack of Lucky Strikes was worth a felony strike, Quintero made a hasty exit from the premises and departed on foot without any stolen merchandise in hand.

Shortly thereafter, VPD patrol units rolled up and, with the store clerk’s description of Quintero, quickly instigated a search of the commercial area surrounding the gas station. Quintero, perhaps not the fleetest of foot, was located just a block away and was quickly identified as the perpetrator of the crime. He was promptly transported to the Ventura County Jail where he was booked and charged with attempted robbery.

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