Bicycle Thief Gets Popped for Burglary Tools

Bicycle Thief Gets Popped for Burglary Tools

HAWTHORNE —A good thief never gets caught for stupid mistakes, and surely a stupid mistake is riding a bicycle with no lights in the small hours.

David James Shaina, 26, was stopped by Hawthorne Police Department officers on Monday, September 22 at approximately 3 a.m. along the 4800 block of 142nd Street. The unemployed transient was apparently stopped for operating a bicycle on the wrong side of the road (21650.1VC) as well as operating a bicycle at night without the required lighting (21201(D)1VC).

Those two minor violations would most likely have resulted in a couple of $25 citations and the humiliation of having to walk the bicycle away, but the police discovered that Shaina had two bench warrants and then searched him to find a number of items that resulted in his arrest.

He was also charged with obstructing/resisting police officers (148(A)(1)PC, possessing burglary tools (466PC) and failing to obey a peace officer (2800VC).

Bail for the new charges was set at a total of $11,050.

The two warrants, which had been issued by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD), had a bail set at $20,000 each. The two LASD warrants included possession of a controlled substance (11377(A)HS) and use of a controlled substance (11550(A)HS).

It is imagined that he will have a fair amount of time to reconsider how not to make such mistakes next time.

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