Man’s Attempt at Bank Robbery Gets Him Arrested

Man’s Attempt at Bank Robbery Gets Him Arrested

FRESNO – A suspect accused of trying to rob a bank in Fresno last week was arrested over the weekend.

Fresno police believe that 54-year-old Jacob Jessup is responsible for the attempted robbery of the Bank of America located on the 4400 block of East Tulare Avenue in southeast Fresno. The attempted robbery happened Thursday morning. The suspect walked up to a bank teller and told him that he needed $300. The suspect then slide a note to the bank teller, who was behind a bulletproof glass window, threatening him not to alert anyone to the robbery or he would open fire, police said.

When the bank teller asked what the money was for, the suspect started cursing and threatening to shoot the man before leaving the bank, authorities said. A citizen’s tip and a detective from Fresno police’s Homeless Task Force helped identify Jessup as the suspect. After his arrest on Saturday, he confessed to the crime, police said. Jessup was booked into Fresno county Jail with bail set at $25,000.

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