Three Suspected Auto Thieves Arrested in Fresno

Three Suspected Auto Thieves Arrested in Fresno

FRESNO – Three suspects driving stolen Hondas were arrested after officers on Fresno’s auto theft team followed them and ended up at the home of a woman who has been arrested for previous auto thefts.

On Tuesday morning, the suspects unwittingly led officers to a home in the 1400 block of East Fedora Avenue. The home was occupied by Guadalupe Delgado, who was once arrested as one of Fresno’s top auto thieves.

Police are still trying to determine whether Delgado, who has been identified more than once as one of the city’s top five auto thieves, was connected to the suspects or was acting as a broker for them.

One of the arrested suspects is a juvenile and the other two are Pao Vang and George Kue, believed to be 25 and 21. They are members of the Mongolian Boys gang and were all on probation for auto theft.

Police believe the suspects are responsible for the theft of between five and seven cars every night, which are then likely taken to chop shops in Madera.

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