Davis Car Burglary Leads To Arrest For Stolen Check Forgery

Davis Car Burglary Leads To Arrest For Stolen Check Forgery

A Woodland resident was arrested on forgery and stolen property charges tied to an automobile break-in that took place in Davis back in early July.

The Davis Police investigation began after a West Davis resident reported that their vehicle had been broken into. Also, the victim reported that two checks stolen from the vehicle were cashed at a local financial institution.

The investigators soon identified Woodland resident Kimberly D. Lalley, 24, as a suspect in the case. They presented sufficient evidence to a judge and secured a search warrant that they served at Lalley’s North Railroad Street residence in Woodland on August 13. The police searching Lalley’s residence discovered property that had been taken from the burglarized vehicle in Davis, and arrested Lalley for allegedly forging the stolen checks and possession of stolen property.

She was also charged on suspicion of possessing narcotics intended for sale and booked into Yolo County Jail. 28-year-old Marc Chanel Lasonde, who lives with Lalley, was also contacted by police at the North Railroad Street house, and was arrested on suspicion of being in possession of narcotics intended for sale.

Lalley and Lasonde were arrested earlier this year in connection with a burglary spree. The two were picked up with five others on suspicion of over 100 burglaries in Woodland in November and December 2013. They were both charged in that case with burglary, possession of stolen property, and outstanding warrants. Lalley was also arrested in May on an outstanding warrant for unauthorized use of personal identifying information.

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