The $10,000 Drink

The $10,000 Drink

INGLEWOOD, CA—When it comes to fine liqueurs, rare Scotches and vintage Champagnes, many people judge the quality of the drink by the price tag on the bottle.

Wesley Crosby, 61, was arrested by Inglewood Police Department (IPD) officers on Friday, July 11 at approximately 2 p.m. He was apprehended along the 4300 block of West Century Boulevard in Inglewood near the intersection of La Brea Avenue where it becomes Hawthorn Boulevard. IPD officers charged Crosby with petty theft with a prior violation (666PC) and found that he had two warrants: burglary (459PC) and drinking in public (LACC 13.18.010).

Bail for the petty theft charge was $20,000 while the burglary warrant bail was set at a relatively pithy $5,000. The drinking in public charge, however, brought an eye-popping bail of $10,000.

Crosby was unavailable to comment on whether the drink he allegedly possessed was a 50-year old bottle of Chivas Regal Royal Salute or a vintage magnum of mad Dog 20/20.

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