Jaywalking Arrest Nets Weapons Charges

Jaywalking Arrest Nets Weapons Charges

INGLEWOOD — Like the foolishness of running stop signs when transporting illicit drugs meant for sale, petty crimes being undertaken when one is carrying weapons is not a smart idea.

Rhonda Goff, 59, was apprehended by Inglewood Police Department (IPD) officers on Sunday, July 20 at approximately 10:20 p.m. The Inglewood resident was apparently stopped along the 11300 block of South Crenshaw Boulevard.

She was charged with jaywalking (21955VC), tossing/etc. matter on a highway (23112VC, which is essentially littering), carrying a dirk or dagger (21310PC) and assault with a deadly weapon not a firearm (245(C)PC).

In late 2013 and early 2014, the area was plagued with a number of shooting homicides. None have yet been solved.

The area where she was arrested is six lanes wide with a significant median as well as a service road on each side separated by a median between Crenshaw and the service roads that allow for parking for the few hundred apartment buildings.

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