Slain Murder Suspect’s Identity Revealed by Coroner

Slain Murder Suspect’s Identity Revealed by Coroner

APPLE VALLEY – Deputies shot and killed a murder suspect on Wednesday night, the deadly shooting coming at the end of a short car chase.

A Los Angeles County deputy was injured in the confrontation, but the 29-year-old suspect, James Jaimez, of Ontario, was identified as the man who died as a result of being struck by deputy gunfire.

Jaimez was spotted by deputies while driving a black Nissan Titan, following him to the area of Bear Valley and Central roads. When the suspect got out of his vehicle, reports stated, there was an immediate exchange of gunfire. Several shots rang out, according to a statement.

L.A. County authorities were searching in the unincorporated area of Apple Valley when Jaimez was spotted on the 23000 block of Laramie St. at approximately 5 p.m. “Deputies observed the suspect at Bear Valley Road,” according to a statement released by the San Bernardino County coroner’s office, “where the suspect … engaged the suspect in gunfire.”

Jaimez was pronounced dead at the scene at 5:14 p.m. A female deputy was treated at a local hospital for a minor injury, then released. Jaimez was suspected in a L.A. County murder, then traced by investigators to the San Bernardino County city. No information was provided by the L.A. Sheriff’s on the apparent shooting for which Jaimez was being sought.

It was also revealed that the confrontation was caught on a cell phone video by a local resident, who later provided it to television news stations. Jaimez’s identity wasn’t released by the coroner until Friday morning. There were various businesses located near the shooting site where bystanders could have likely been caught in crossfire. There were no other injuries.

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