Don’t Most Pilots Drink and Fly?

Don’t Most Pilots Drink and Fly?

HAWTHORNE — Stories and even one blockbuster movie tell of pilots and their alcohol and other substance abuse while flying people around the world—so why is a mere airport attendant getting the third degree for just drinking and driving?

Fidel Huape Villagomez, 37, was arrested by Hawthorne Police department (HPD) at approximately 2 a.m. on Saturday, April 19 at the corner of 118th Street and Hawthorne Boulevard in Hawthorne.

The incident occurred not far from one of the largest international airports in the United States, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

The L.A. County resident (he claims a residence in the incorporated area of Lennox, near LAX) was charged with two DUIs and one “driving without a license” offense. One of the DUIs was for having a blood-alcohol level exceeding the state’s limit of 0.08 percent and the other was for drugs. reports did not state which drug may have been found in the man’s system.

Bail was set at $10,100 for all three charges.

Perhaps he would have been better off had he decided to fly home in his alleged condition.

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