First Alarm Security Officer Attacked at Skate Park

First Alarm Security Officer Attacked at Skate Park

SANTA CRUZ—Santa Cruz Police arrested 40-year-old Brian Raymond Armstrong of Watsonville for an attack on a movie set Security Officer who asked him to leave Mike Fox Park as it as closed for filming a movie.

On Tuesday April 22, a film crew was setting up for a movie shoot at the park.  The film crew had a permit to use the park and the park was closed to the public.  Armstrong jumped the fence to gain access to the closed park.  He was immediately confronted by on site security officer.

The First Alarm Security Officer, who was hired by the film crew as part of their use of the park, asked Armstrong to leave.  He refused and verbally threatened the security officer as he raised his skateboard over his head, as to hit the officer.

During the confrontation, Mr. Armstrong was able to rip the badge off the security officers chest before running to his truck that was parked in the parking lot of the park.  The security officer chased and caught up with Armstrong at his truck.  The security officer had Armstrong in a headlock, but Armstrong was able to start his truck.

“Armstrong threatened to run over the security officer if he did not let him go,”  Santa Cruz Deputy Police Chief Steve Clark wrote in a press release. “Witnesses report the Armstrong gave order to his dog to attack the officer.”

Armstrong was able to put his car in motion and hit the security officer with the open door as he back up his truck knocking the security officer to the ground.  He then fled the area in his truck.

Santa Cruz Police located Armstrong in his truck a few blocks away.  He was arrested and transported to Santa Cruz County Jail and booked.  He faces charges of robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.  His bail has been set at 50,000.00 dollars.

The security was treated at the scene for moderate injuries.

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