Retired Law Enforcement Officers Shoot Pit Bull

Retired Law Enforcement Officers Shoot Pit Bull

SAN BERNARDINO – A pitbull, engaged in a vicious dogfight with another dog on Wednesday, was eventually shot and killed by two retired law enforcement officers.

Both men, who live across the street from each other said San Bernardino Police spokesman Rich Lawhead, tried a less lethal approach. But, he said, there may have been no other way to stop the attack that took place on the 3600 block of North Lugo Ave. at about 3 p.m.

The two ex-law enforcement officers – one a retired police officer and the other retired sheriff’s deputy – opened fire after squirting both dogs with water failed to slow up the attack.

Lawhead said a neighbor’s dog had gotten out of its yard and attacked the other dog, which was also running loose. He said the retired officers were trying to keep the pit bull from killing the other dog. They used their garden hose at first, said Lawhead, but the attack didn’t end.

He did not disclose which one of the two retired officers shot the dog. Neither man owned either of the two dogs, said Lawhead. The surviving dog fled the scene, but observers were unable to determine if the unknown breed was injured during the attack. “The gate for (the pit bull) wasn’t secured very well,” said Lawhead. The dog escaped from his yard and attacked the other roaming dog.

No one was arrested, said Lawhead. “All were questioned,” he said, “and the police conducted an investigation documenting the incident.”

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