The Tickets for His Bike Go Round and Round

The Tickets for His Bike Go Round and Round

HAWTHORNE, CA—How many violations can one pick up during one stop while bicycling in southern California? If the question is directed at the Hawthorne Police Department, it could be as many as eight.

Karl Glass, 25, was stopped by Hawthorne police on Saturday, March 8 at approximately 11 p.m. It is unknown why he was arrested when they stopped him along the 4100 block of El Segundo Boulevard as there were no prior warrants listed. He did, however, get charged with eight violations apparently related to his bicycling behavior: “vehicle on a sidewalk,” “fail[ing] to present ID,” “pedestrian must yield,” “bicycle brakes required,” “bicycle lighting required,” “reflector on pedals,” “reflectors on center” and the curiously named “misc municipal code.”

The total bail was set at $1210. Of the amounts, six were only $35 but the two $500 bail amounts were for the odd charges of “vehicle on a sidewalk” and “misc municipal code.” Hawthorne police would not respond to requests for comment when asked about the two charges’ relation to a bicycle.

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