This Will be on Your Permanent Record

This Will be on Your Permanent Record

INGLEWOOD, CA—How many times can one person act up before giving up and moving on to some real crime?

Shannan Kelley, 18, is unemployed but she has racked up a significant record that should prompt attention from the Guinness Book of World records.

Kelley was picked up by Inglewood Police (IPD) on Sunday, February 9 around 2 a.m. for “disorderly conduct” at the corner of Century Blvd. and Flower near the recently re-opened Forum. (The Eagles had just finished a six-day run in late January.) IPD would not respond to comments requesting why the unemployed white, green-eyed woman was in an area well-known for prostitution and drug-dealing.

Although IPD set a bail of $5,000 for the night’s arrest, Los Angeles Police (LAPD) had four priors on Kelley for the same charge, the total bail having been set at $75,000.

With all five warrants clocking in at $80,000, one wonders if it would have been less expensive to finance a trade college course for her.

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