More arrested in Novato gang assault near Round Table

More arrested in Novato gang assault near Round Table

The Novato Police Department has arrested three additional suspects who were allegedly involved in two gang-related assaults on the same Novato man on Sunday evening, according to a press release issued by NPD Sergeant Michael Howard.

Between Tuesday, when Sergeant Howard announced the arrest of the first three suspects in this case, and Thursday evening, NPD investigators identified and arrested Christian Velasquez, 21, and Carlos Rodas, 20, both of Novato, as well as Diego De la Cerda Guerrero, 21, of Larkspur in connection with the assaults.

All three suspects have been charged with participation in a criminal street gang. Both Rodas and De la Cerda Guerrero have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and dissuading a witness. Velasquez and De la Cerda Guerrero both face charges of conspiracy. On top of these charges, Rodas has a charge of making criminal threats and Velasquez has been charged with a violation of probation. NPD officers booked all three suspects at Marin County Jail.

On Sunday at around 7:00 p.m., multiple suspects approached the victim, who is not being identified by police, outside of the Round Table Pizza location at 1565 South Novato Boulevard in the Nave Shopping Center in Novato. The victim escaped and began to run away from the group. One of the suspects attempted to hit him with a vehicle, but did not succeed.

After the police became involved, interviewing the victim about the assault, alleged members of the same group again assaulted him, this time sending him to hospital for a checkup. He was ultimately medically cleared to go home.

By Tuesday evening, NPD officers had identified and arrested Antioch resident Tatiana Jenkins, 24; Novato resident Christopher Cooke, 19; and an unnamed juvenile male Novato resident, 16. All three were charged with conspiracy and participating in a criminal street gang with a gang enhancement. Jenkins had additional charges battery and a probation violation, while the minor had additional charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

In January Christian Velasquez and Tatiana Jenkins were arrested with four others at the Days Inn Motel in Novato for causing a disturbance and possession of drugs and firearms. Velasquez also has several prior arrests in the past few months on drug charges.

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