Police Take Pool Boy to The Cleaners

Police Take Pool Boy to The Cleaners

HAWTHORNE, CA—How much is that little slap in the window?

According to Hawthorne police, that clean swipe of a child’s cheek can cost one quite a bit.

Pool worker Rodolfo Dominguez Hernandez, 55, was picked up by Hawthorne Police on Tuesday, January 28 at approximately 11 p.m. He was charged with annoying/etcetera a child ((647.6(A)PC)) and willful cruelty to children ((237A(A)PC))as well as subject to deportation proceedings pursuant to a federal felony charge named under “8 1251US.”

The slim-lined, 6-foot tall Hawthorne resident was picked up along the 3600 block of 132nd Street.

Bail was set at $20,000 for the child annoyance charge and an additional $100,000 tacked on for the willful cruelty attempt. It was not disclosed where, how or if he actually slapped any child.

The next time a pool boy gets out of league with his equipment, he might reconsider what he does with it lest he get cleaned out for a few years’ worth of vacuuming.

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