Members of a Suspected Immigrant Smuggling Ring Arrested for a Second Time

Members of a Suspected Immigrant Smuggling Ring Arrested for a Second Time

EL CENTRO- Following a prior arrest and dropped charges, a local couple is again suspected of participating in a ring responsible for smuggling illegal immigrants.

On Thursday, December 12, Roselia Kubeck confirmed that she was arrested on eight counts of immigrant smuggling and released on bail, according to the Imperial Valley Press. Kubeck is said to have been working with Earl Allen to bring immigrants across the border, transport them to a stash house on North Eighth Street in El Centro and then fly them out of the valley to other parts of the state.

It is alleged that the two brought Mexican citizens through a hole in the fence of the border in Mexicali, sneaking them into a restroom. Investigating U.S. Border Patrol agents interviewed two individuals who stated that they paid $8,000 and $10,000 each for the service. Allen reportedly managed the stash house where the two were taken.

The men identified Roselia Kubeck’s husband, Philip Kubeck as the pilot who was to transport them from the stash house. Agents stated they discovered through cell phone records that there was a tremendous amount of activity between Roselia Kubeck and Allen in the area of the airport and the stash house. It is believed that Rosalia was the liaison between her husband and other immigrant smugglers.

Philip Kubeck had been arrested on prior charges last year for immigrant smuggling. On another occasion Border Patrol agents stated they had seen six individuals believed to be immigrants make a run for a plane. Kubeck was present and closed the door. The case was dismissed without prejudice and all charges dropped, but there is no record for the reason.

Both Kubeck and Allen face eight felony counts related to immigrant smuggling and will appear for a motion hearing/trial setting on January 10.

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