Skittles, Corn Nuts and Drugs

Skittles, Corn Nuts and Drugs

CALIPATRIA – Two females, apparently in two different incidents, had the same nefarious idea Sunday as they visited inmates at Calapatria State Prison.  In the first incident, 28-year-old Christina Walker brought along her three-year-old child to visit convicted murderer Eden Mangram.

During the course of questioning, authorities confiscated a bag of Skittles that Walker had in her possession.  Inside the candy they discovered nine bindles (small envelope made by folding a square piece of paper) of marijuana totaling 10 grams.

Angelina Chavira

Angelina Chavira

She was booked into Imperial County Jail and her child was turned over to CPS.

In the other incident, 22-year-old Angelina Chavira came to Calapatria to visit Dat Nguyen, who was convicted of attempted murderer.  Not to be outdone, Chavira displayed an aversion to sweets but an affinity for corn nuts instead.  During questioning, authorities discovered 7 bindles of processed hashish in the salty bag totaling 23 grams.   The prison value of her attempted delivery was over $10,000.  Walker’s stash was a “paltry” $2,300.

Chavira was also booked into Imperial County Jail on suspicion of felony charges.

Other links provided below revea this to be an ongoing problem at Calapatria.  A problem, that is, for this who attempt this crime.

"Bindles" of drugs

“Bindles” of drugs

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